Himanshu Bullion (Windows)

HIMANSHU BULLION SPOT TERMINAL: HIMANSHU BULLION SPOT Combining technical analysis, news and an easy to use trading terminal, HIMANSHU BULLION SPOT is providing fast and easy trading tools with best market price.

client go to the new order option or simply go to the any symbol option and click then after do the buy and sell client see the trading summary from here. Buy/ Sell Order: HIMANSHU BULLION SPOT provides keyboard and mouse based order entry system. For Buy order Press + (Plus) or F1 and For Sell Order Press – (Minus) or F2.

client go to the market watch option and click them. easily see the market liverates.

Trade History: HIMANSHU BULLION SPOT provide trade history function. Using this function you can get last 20 days tick to tick data for all commodities traded on HIMANSHU BULLION SPOT.